About Us

Vera Euro Skin was cultivated from over 20 years of being a licensed aesthetician, and motivated by a desire to bring safe, effective, and affordable skin care and mineral makeup products to men and women of all ages and backgrounds.
We conduct business the honest way, and always put the customer first.
Safety and effectiveness are of the highest importance, so all products are FDA inspected and approved, made with the highest quality ingredients, and manufactured locally in South Texas.

By making use of the latest developments in the industry, we are able to create unique, effective, honest products. Our skin care is developed with the intention to support and promote the health of your skin through advanced avenues and natural ingredients, rather than employing dangerous and damaging to cut costs ones like big brand companies often do. We ensure the versatility and safety of our mineral makeup products by eliminating all additives, chemicals, and toxins, to allow our products to enhance the beauty of your skin, rather than destroy it. By keeping production local in the USA, we can focus on keeping our products effective, result-oriented, and helping our customers reach their skin care goals.

All products are cruelty and toxin free. Sustainability is important to us, so we are constantly looking for ways to improve.

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  1. Looks pretty neutral in the package but actually ends up looking quite purple/silver-y on my skin. Love using it as…

  2. Comes off very golden and I think it would be most suitable for darker skin tones! Looks lovely as an…

  3. This is such a great detox soap, it cleanses my skin really well, leaving it fresh and soft.

  4. I absolutely love that balm, it’s really nourishing, and the smell is a little strong but I really like it!

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Wrought’n Apples Boutique 

Parker , Colorado 



Maker’s Market in Park Meadows Mall

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