My FAVORITE products!

I absolutely adore Vera Euro Skin—-the amazing products are cruelty free and use all natural ingredients. Two of my personal favorites are the lash growth serum and the hydrating mist. The lash serum seemed to work practically over night and the hydrating mist makes my skin feel fresh all day. My skin feels so renewed!

Rachael Redunski

Perfect for me!

I tend to have sensitive skin, but these products are really perfect for me! I’ve used an eyeshadow, highlighter, and lip balm. The highlighter and eyeshadow are gorgeous, and the lip balm is hydrating and satisfying. I love these products so much!

Brooke Thompson


I’ve used three products of theirs and I love them all!! I’ve used the peppermint spirulina lip balm,a highlighter (3547), and eye shadow (3531). The lip balm is just amazing. After applying it my lips feel re hydrated and soft. I’ve found that applying it before lipstick makes the lipstick stay on longer! The eye shadow and high lighter make a great combo as well! They’re both lovely colors and don’t cause any harm to my skin. Love them all!!

Emma Dolliver


I have used the eyelash/eyebrow brow growth serum for about two years now and I have gotten amazing results. I feel like my lashes feel super healthy and even when I don’t wear mascara you can see how long they are. Absolutely love it!

Marissa Madigan



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