Vera Euro Skin Natural Body Care is handmade from scratch in the USA, and produced with only the highest quality of natural ingredients. All products are cruelty and chemical free, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and produced according to FDA rules and regulations pertaining to soaps and cosmetics. All products are ultra-effective, safe, and beneficial for all skin types of all ages. Each product is made with pure, food-grade essential oils, and delivers special aromatherapeutic and skin-health benefits. In combination with other ingredients, these products will help you achieve specific skin-care and overall health goals.

Why mini? Smaller product sizes prevent bacteria growth and break-down of product, and storage of clunky, large products will not be an issue. Customers will be able to use the product up quicker and try new scents to explore the benefits of the different ingredient combinations. Plus, they are perfect for travel, gifts, and everyday use.


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